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That wasn’t a phone call, it was a pulse check

I used to laugh at people who do this, but last night, I asked for a sign.

I wanted the universe to hit me on the head with a bolt of lightning, telling me, yes, my child, go grab your nail polish bottles and move out.

But there was no bolt of lightning. Instead, there was a horrible dream. A horrible dream that ended with me wailing at my grandmother’s funeral, waiting for my turn at the podium to give her eulogy.

I woke up even more exhausted than I was when I went to bed.

It was such a horrible dream that I couldn’t shake it off even after getting up, peeing and returning to bed to lie down again. My heart felt heavy, like an elephant was stepping on it. It was such a horrible dream that when Bee asked me if I was okay, I burst into tears. And it took a while before I stopped crying.

While I was crying, I heard my phone beep, telling me I had incoming text messages. I was scared to read them, I was afraid my dream was a premonition.

Anyone who’s ever met my grandma and anyone who’s ever heard me talk about her knows how important and special she is to me. I really don’t know what I’d do if I lived in a world where she no longer existed.

When I finally checked my phone, I heaved a huge sigh of relief that they were all about work.

Still, I couldn’t shake off my dream. I wanted to make sure my grandma was okay.

So I called her.

And from now on, ladies and gentlemen, we will refer to this conversation as “How To Check If Your Grandma Is Alive And Okay Without Her Noticing”:

Me: “La!”
Lola: “O?”
Me: “Dumating na ba yung box na sinend ni Tita Marie?”
Lola: “Ha?”
Me: “Dumating na ba yung box na sinend ni Tita Marie?”
Lola:Hindi pa.”
Me: “Ngek. Wala pa?”
Lola: “Wala pa.”
Me: “Bakit kaya? Eh ang tagal na nun. Dapat after four weeks nandyan na yun eh.”
Lola: “Ganun ba?”
Me: “Oo. Yun yung box na kasama yung Clinique mo.”
Lola: “Wala pa eh.”
Me: “Sige, check ko na lang kelan niya pinadala.”
Lola: “Sige. Yun lang ba tinawag mo?”
Me: “Oo.”
Lola: “Okay. Bye.”
Me: “Bye.”

Lame conversation, yes. But I couldn’t tell her “No, I’m just checking if you’re still breathing.” She will kick my ass.

Minutes after our brilliant phone conversation, I accidentally sent a message about my blog to her. It was supposed to be for Giff.

She replied, “Huh? What for? That is all greek to me! You have an ignoramus lola here!”

When I texted to say the message wasn’t meant for her, she said, “Kaya pala, i thought i was suddenly transported to Timbuktu!”


Oh yes, she’s alive. And she’s funny as hell.


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