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Like Barney but better


I was in a serious hair rut. For a few years now, this has been my hair care regimen: shampoo, condition, towel-dry hair, tie hair in a bun. Yes, while wet. Yes, I’m terrible.

My hair has grown so long and my bun has gotten so big that the last time I traveled, airport security actually checked my bun, as if I was hiding weapons of mass destruction in my tangles.

It was time for a change and I didn’t mean me reaching for the nearest bottle of Manic Panic and DIY-ing my hair troubles away. I needed the experts. And by experts I mean the killer combo of husband-and-wife team Jude Hipolito and Rose Velasco.

I actually sent Rose my first SOS in November but I didn’t have the chance to go to the salon until now. I first met Jude and Rose during a work trip to Shanghai. It was Rose who first colored my hair in 2004. I didn’t know this until now, but she says I was the first person to ever ask her for pink hair.

Ten years later, I found myself back in their chair, this time in their newest salon Juro Salon Exclusif. I had no pegs, no plans. They know better so I left it up to them. Jude expertly cut my hair (while I was standing – yup, that’s how he works his magic), keeping the length but removing all traces of my fake ombré.

Then, Rose pre-lightened my hair (it was my first time to see myself entirely blonde and that was… erm, interesting) before giving my hair a reddish-purple base and highlights in different shades of purple and lavender.

You know how hair color – especially funky colors – can often look like it was slapped on? Not this time. It looks like purple hair actually grew out of my head and I love it. The result is the right mix of subtle and crazy.

I know this salon is more expensive than most but after abusing my hair for years, I totally think it deserved this treat. My hair does seem happier now.

And the best part? Jude and Rose are such warm, lovely people that an afternoon spent at their salon feels more like a nice visit with good friends – except you leave with better hair. I can’t believe I waited ten years to experience their magic again.


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