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This Homeland intermission was brought to you by The New York Times

“Holy shit!” I said to Jill, pausing Homeland so I could break the news without Claire Danes stealing my thunder. “I just got an email from The New York Times.”

“Whoa!” she said.

They wanted to know if I would be free for a phone interview later this week. The topic? Nail polish, of course.

But I kinda had the feeling they thought I was based in New York. So I emailed back and said I’m in the Philippines but sure, they could call me. The reply came within minutes. Was I just traveling here and did I have Skype? No and yes, I replied, I’m really based in the Philippines. “Not sure if you were looking for someone based in New York,” I added.

Yes, they were. The interview was off. “Leche!” Jill said. Strangely, she was more bummed out than I was. Truthfully, my bigger reaction was relief. Because I was already thinking, “Holy crap, if I do a Skype interview with The New York Times, does that mean I need to get a blowout and put some makeup on?”

The next day, I told Tatin about it and her reaction mirrored Jill’s. “Sayang!” she said.

Again, I was left wondering why she seemed more bummed out than I was. That was The New York Times. I almost genuflected in front of that building when I first saw it. Why wasn’t I sadder?

In the middle of EDSA traffic, it hit me. It’s just never been my dream. I like writing newspaper articles, not being featured in them. Everything I’ve done – the writing, the singing, the baking, the nail polish insanity – I’ve done because they’re fun, because I’m passionate about them, because I really enjoy them. It’s never been about fame or attention or money.

So it was with zero hard feelings that I wrote back to The New York Times,
“No worries!” Then I gave them the name of a girl based in New York who loves polish just as much as I do. Then I pressed the play button because Claire Danes was trying to save America from terrorists and, damn it, she wanted me to watch.


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One thought on “This Homeland intermission was brought to you by The New York Times

  1. Thank you NYT for making Pam blog. LOL. โค

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