Pajammy Party

Pillow fights, secrets, s'mores and scary stories. Sleeping bag not required.

Pop pop pop

The trouble with having access to excellent microwave popcorn is it ruins your movie popcorn experience.

The barbecue-flavored cinema popcorn you used to love now tastes like cardboard. Stale cardboard. Because how can that compare to the awesomeness of Blast O Butter?

So goodbye, cardboard popcorn. Hello, chocolate-covered almonds.

I gave a talk about my book at a school last week and one of the students asked, “What kind of movies do you like watching?”

Every kind, I said, my friends and I watch practically every movie released. Actually, I said it more crudely than that. “Lahat ng movie pinapatulan namin.” Hi, I’m Pam and I’m a movie slut.

But my intentions are pure. I want to help keep the movie industry alive. Yes, just like I want to keep the publishing industry alive by buying more books than I can read. And as my pile of unread books keeps growing and growing, I tell myself I will get around to reading all of them eventually.

I am currently reading a book that is moving so slow. I am halfway done and I feel like nothing’s happening. I am tempted to just drop it but I’m trying to give it another chance. I very rarely stop reading a book even when I think it’s bad. It just feels like cruel abandonment.

I have a feeling I will be able to watch a lot of movies and read a lot of books this month. Because I am just days away from what shall be known as 18 days of loneliness.

It will be tough but I will suck it up.

Because that’s what you do. You suck it up, you watch movies and you swim in books.

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