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Oh blue, you aren’t so bad.


My blue hair started growing on me today. I guess it helped that I wore a blue shirt. And that I painted my nails blue. And that I got a haircut. And that the cut ended with a perfect blowout.

I like my blowout.

I asked Jill, “If you get really really really insanely rich, what would your biggest luxury be?”

And she said, “I want a beach house.”

That’s cool. I’d definitely hang out at her beach house. But I don’t want my own. I don’t want cars, big houses, planes and my own island.

You know what I want?

I want one of those salon shampoo chairs and I want someone to come in and give me a salon shampoo every day.

You know what else I want? Someone to fill my iPod with songs I’ve forgotten I love. When I hear songs on the radio, I keep going, “Holy crap, why don’t I have that in my iPod?” And then I completely forget about them again. I just want to be able to shuffle without skipping over any song.

I was up until 5 a.m. working on an article and after I slammed my laptop shut I settled back with my new copy of Nick and Norah’s Playlist. I am reading two Cohn + Levithan novels at the same time. Dash and Lily, Nick and Norah. Both for the second time. And no, I’m not getting confused, even though in my head both couples are Michael Cera and Kat Dennings.

I love Kat Dennings. And Michael Cera.

This week is bound to be busy, the good kind of busy, the kind that makes you want to run around and hug people and scream, “Life is awesome!”

There is a lot of awesomeness in the world.

And right now, awesomeness is a big tub of popcorn which I need to make.


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3 thoughts on “Oh blue, you aren’t so bad.

  1. Ay bet ko rin yang idea na yan na may magshashampoo ng buhok ko everyday!

  2. i can send you some songs if you like ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. You are a busy bug and I love your blogs…..and the way you write… is light and just right …..something that can relieve stress……

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