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Big banging

Today was one of those days that make me wish I had at least ten pairs of hands and five heads.

There were just too many things that needed to be done – watch pages, finish articles, conduct survey, call people, reply to people, e-mail people, phone interview, caption photos, choose winners, tag prizes, pick up package, ship package, send gift, fix schedule, find dye, clean out bag, and on and on and on.

And that juggling act becomes even harder when what you really want to do is watch The Big Bang Theory.

And update your Tiny Tower.

Some things needed to be sacrificed so I ate just once the whole day. It was remarkable – I swallowed four dumplings while typing. And I skipped my much-needed pedicure.

But some things cannot be sacrificed, not if you want to keep your sanity. So I watched The Big Bang Theory in the car. Yes, while in traffic.

It’s always essential to keep your priorities straight.


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One thought on “Big banging

  1. knock knock knock.. pammy
    knock knock knock.. pammy
    knock knock knock.. pammy

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