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Life is a Regina Spektor song

Ever since Paper Cuts came out, I had been waiting for the waterworks. It wouldn’t be unusual – I can be a crybaby sometimes. (Ask Giff and Jolo who were stuck in the backseat while Jill was trying to convince me to allow myself to be confined at the hospital. I’m pretty sure I shocked them with my flair for theatrics.) And if your biggest dream came true – doesn’t that call for the creation of some big fat tears?

I came close on Christmas Day, at National Bookstore in Robinson’s Galleria. I was alone, and as I stared at my book trapped between FHM True Stories and The Playbook, I felt the tears coming. One drop. And then two. But they stopped. Because those FHM true stories? They looked mighty interesting.


The tears almost came at my book launch too – but I’m glad J ended up making me laugh instead.

The tears finally came at an unexpected time – while I was letting the internet steal precious minutes of my life.

And it was because of this. This beautifully written review of Paper Cuts by Kathleen Llemit for The Daily Tribune got the tears going at about 2 in the morning.

And the tears continued as I read Tim’s tribute to our friendship and to Paper Cuts in last week’s issue of Philippine Star Supreme.

The tears stopped just as quickly as they started, leading me to think that PMS is also partly to blame.

Tim and Kathleen, thank you for the love.

Yesterday, we went to the hospital to visit Jason who is continuing his battle against brain cancer. He had to stay overnight for IV chemotherapy.

While I hated seeing him in the hospital again, it was great to see him strong and fighting and determined to win this battle.

And I know we will win this battle.

Part of the reason we came over last night was to talk about our plans to raise funds for his treatments and medical bills. Battling cancer is difficult physically, emotionally, financially – even more so when you have two small children to raise – and we intend to do everything to make things easier for him and his wife Nina.

We spent a lot of time laughing with Jason too. And I know his incredible sense of humor will help him crush that horrible disease.

I cry when I’m happy, I laugh when I’m sad.

These are strange times we’re living in.


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One thought on “Life is a Regina Spektor song

  1. Thank God for awesome friends!

    After reading Tim Yap’s review, I can imagine you singing/dancing through the glass window between us, nailing Rihanna’s ‘Only Girl in the World’ ala Pammy style. ^_^

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