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A tale of serious friction









These Pilot Frixion pens my friend Michelle sent me from Japan are freaking awesome. Michelle also sent me Pilot Frixion Light highlighters which can be erased. (Thank you, Mich!)

If you want these erasable pens too, you can find the red, blue and black ones in National Book Store.


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7 thoughts on “A tale of serious friction

  1. I LOVE Frixion pens! They were a big part of our wedding planning. =D Hehe! Didn’t know they came in pink too. 🙂

    • pajammy on said:

      Anna!!! I’ve seen what you can do with pens – you are amazing!

      I am so sorry to miss your wedding 😦 I had a work appointment I couldn’t get out of 😦 I’m sure it was beautiful! I can’t wait to see the pictures!

      When are you leaving for Singapore?

  2. i used this pen for my chartings, i work as a nurse
    i saved a lot of papers, time and effort with this pen.. i LOHOOOVE it!
    i didnt know they have other colors, aside from black..

  3. Oooh I WANT those pens…. Is NB open at this hour? 🙂

  4. this ballpen was helpful especially when I was using it before on my exam – esp if the instructions says “no erasure” (“,)

  5. My seatmate has an erasable pen too. I have yet to ask him where did he buy it ’cause I couldn’t find one in NBS. I was just so amazed every time he would erase what he wrote.

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