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A very sticky update

Yes, stickers are still driving me crazy.

And I never realized it before but the Philippines isn’t exactly a gold mine when it comes to cute puffy stickers.

I searched two malls and came up with nothing.

I had better luck at Bonifacio High Street.

I found these at Hobbes and Landes:




The chickens are my favorite, naturally. After all, I am turbochicken.


And then I found this at Fully Booked:


The next day, Tatiny surprised me with these:


And she surprised me with a matchbox full of goodies too! And that is awesome because we’ve been planning to start a matchbox swap.

How much cuteness can you pack into a single matchbox?

This much.


Crazy right?! (If you want to join our matchbox exchange, let me know, post a comment, tweet, whatever.)

And when I found out from Tats that Accessorize was selling stickers at 70% off, we all went there after dinner.

I got these snowmen. They’re so cute I couldn’t believe they were on sale.


These weren’t on sale but I got them anyway.



Jill has joined the sticker madness, she’s been buying a lot of sheets too.

And there, my sticky update is done. For now.

While I don’t spend all my waking hours thinking of stickers, it’s just nice to know that something so simple can bring so much joy.

Oh yes, the little girl in me is alive and has no plans of disappearing anytime soon.

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13 thoughts on “A very sticky update

  1. Drakulita on said:

    I ❤ the black and white ones! Ang kulit!!!

  2. there’s a scrap book store on the 2nd floor in Greenbelt 1, i think they have tons of different kinds of stickers there.. or I could be wrong.. i visit datablitz there for my video game addiction fix :p

    i’ll check it out next time and let you know if you haven’t done yet :p

    • pajammy on said:

      Ooh! Yes please let me know! 😀

      And I didn’t know there was Date Blitz in Greenbelt! Will check it out soon! Been looking for the older Rabbids games 🙂

  3. I would love to join the matchbox swap, but I’m afraid that you might have the same stickers as I have. I get them just about everywhere, bookstores and divisoria heheh! 🙂

    • you’re welcome to join the swap! and you can put all kinds of random stuff in the matchboxes – not just stickers 🙂

      i’m so excited, i just bought little cutesy things for swapping 😀

  4. matchbox swap! *raises hand excitedly*

  5. in for matchbox swap please? 🙂

  6. I love stickers! I have so many lying around, I don’t know where to stick them to! I was surprised to see cute and very affordable sheets at Landmark in Trinoma a few months ago. Kids’ section. 🙂

  7. Regina’s in Shoppesville has sooo many stickers. They have the exact same ones Fully Booked sells but they’re so much cheaper. And there are more designs.

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