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Notes from a book launch


The greatest thing about the book launch was the license it gave me to do things I was told I never should do.

Like write on books.



Drink in a book store.



Talk to strangers.

Talk about vibrators.

Talk about vibrators AND mothers IN THE SAME SENTENCE.


Skip a meal.


Make people wait. But unlike the previously mentioned rules, I did not enjoy breaking this one. There is nothing fun about knowing that people are standing and waiting for you. And if there was some magical potion or voodoo or whatever that would make it possible for me to sign 200 books at once, I would totally grab it.



Ask people for their pants.


I did all these things and more at the launch of Paper Cuts.

It was a great day – fun and crazy doesn’t cut it. Sometimes I have to stop and remind myself it actually happened.

But it did. Because there are pictures to prove it.


So many pictures. Thank you, Jill Lejano, Melanie Vicente, Rollie Valenzuela, Lianne Bacorro, Angela Ignacio, Cresca Alcantara, Jake Ramirez, Cheryl Tiu, Gelo Arucan, Chinggay Labrador, Joice Villamor, Ces Chela Gahuman for uploading your photos.

And there are videos.

This video is my favorite.

And there are blog posts.

Posts about the launch.

My Paper Cuts Got Signed — Fabgelous

Today is Pam Pastor’s Paper Cuts book launch! — Ed

Paper Cuts: The Book Launch — Kikay Exchange

Swell Stuff from Pam Pastor’s book launch — Ben There Done That

Day 13 — Jillsabs

Posts about the book.

Pam Pastor’s Paper Cuts — Jenn

Jingle Bell Time Is A Swell Time — Fabgelous

Comic Relief — Ben There Done That

Paper Promises — Candy Blog

Books, Teleseryes and Dogs — Redlan

The Cheerleader Of Your Dreams — Mija

It has been eight years, indeed — J. Walking

Menage A Quatre — Hoy Isabel

And Giff’s favorite:

Tales of Tomorrow — Jamesy

So yeah, the book launch happened. And yeah, it was great. And yeah, it’s been a week, I just drank a third of a beer and I’m still hungover.


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11 thoughts on “Notes from a book launch

  1. bakla, ganda ng book mo! bitin akez! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Can’t wait for Part 2. Then maybe next time your launch won’t be on a Friday, then I can lurk, fall in line, wait, laugh, drink beer, get a signed book and maybe a cool pin. ^_^

    • pajammy on said:

      hey jenna! i can’t wait too!

      hope to see you at the next launch!

      and don’t worry, the pins ran out but i had more pins made.. i will save you some ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. i’ll make bawi sa next launch promise. im turning green with envy sa mga naka-attend. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. uy Ms. Pam. I was surprised to see my link here. thanks sa pag include sa post mo. Sana andiyan rin ako noong launch day. Layo ng Iloilo. Enjoy na enjoy ako sa pagbasa ng book mo. Nakita ko siya sa NBS, of course, nakadisplay sa table. I am not fond of reading books actually. Although, bumibili ako para pang regalo. Actually noong first time ko nakita ang Paper cuts, hindi ko siya agad binili pero binalikan ko talaga siya. Nakakaintriga asi ang nakalagay sa cover both front and back. Naintriga ako sa nanay mo na ginamit niya yung vobrator pang face massage. lol. Super cute yung text conversation nyo ng kapatid mo tas yung nataranta ka dahil nawala mo fave pen niya. lol. Tas yung mga taxi experiences mo. Nabasa ko siya sa isang upo lang. I like reading personal experiences lalo na yung nakakatuwa. I am looking forward to read paper cuts 2.

    • pajammy on said:

      Hi Redlan!

      I’m so glad you enjoyed the book! Thanks for writing about it!

      I am looking forward to finishing part 2, haha! ๐Ÿ™‚


      I love Iloilo! I love the meatballs at Roberto’s and the bibingka near the church!!! OMG!

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