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Grandma killed the video star

A few months ago, Jon asked if they could follow me around and ask me questions about my life and, in his words, “break down my DNA.”

And who doesn’t want their DNA broken down, right? Except murderers and CSI-worthy criminals.

So I said yes.

Jon and his awesome crew were working on a series of documentaries for Oxygen TV “to honor people who love what they do.”

And I do love most of the things I do, so I said yes. Twice.

So Jon and Kat and the rest of the guys all went to my office one Thursday and they did a lot of shooting. And I did a lot of talking.

And after a few months, my video was ready for viewing.

I was in Davao when they uploaded it and my friends and I watched the video in a gallery slash hotel while eating fast food spaghetti and fries.

I loved it, I loved the music, I especially loved the video eleven seconds in, when my hand hits the table just in time with the beat of the music.

Weeks later, back in Manila, I let my grandma watch the video on my laptop.

And she’s quiet.

And I’m thinking, wow, she’s really concentrating. She’s really listening to me.

And after about a minute, she goes, “Talagang hindi ka photogenic no?”

And I didn’t even bother correcting her that she probably meant “telegenic” because I knew exactly what she meant.

Gee, thanks, grandma.


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