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Grandma wants to be a jejemon

Day # 106 (09/09/2008) Landed

Last week, I sat with my grandma and spent a considerable amount of time talking about THE SECRET PROJECT. We ended up talking about the horrible way my dad texts.

“Y d na u txt?” He texted me once and I still couldn’t get over it.

My grandma said that sometimes she couldn’t understand what he’s trying to say.

I told my grandma, “The next time he texts like that, text him back and say, “Jejemon ka!”

Naturally, I had to explain to her what a jejemon is.

A few hours later, after we had parted ways, I texted my grandma to check if she remembered to bring with her the two books I wanted her to read (For Laci by Denise Rocha and Witness by Amber Frey, in case you were wondering).

She replied, “Siempre naman, forget ko lahat but not those two”

I texted, “That’s good. Tell me when you’re done with the books, I’ll lend you others”

Then she replied in a hideous attempt to text like a jejemon. “Ok. kaya ko lab u so, style papa mo?”

Haha. I told her her jejemon audition failed miserably – especially since she used the word “so.”

She texted again, “Give me time, i can always learn. God forbid!”

God forbid indeed. I love my grandma – she’s hilarious.

In other news, Jill and I went jogging again today and this time, I didn’t feel like I was dying. I posted about it on Facebook and soon, friends were trying to convince me to join marathons.

Are they out of their minds?!

Like I said on Facebook, that’s like asking someone who just made instant noodles to cook a gourmet meal.

I see no marathons in my future – except for the DVD kind.

Strangely, jogging put me in a writing mood. Not only did I finish an article early, I also ended up blogging. So yeah, maybe jogging has its perks.

Speaking of cooking, we spent an entire Saturday taking a cooking class and eating what we made. I had fun (The food was good and I ate pasta and cheesecake for the first time in two months! My tastebuds were screaming with joy!) but Giff almost sliced the tip of his finger off. That was crazy and scary and bloody.

Speaking of crazy (but not scary and bloody), I can’t wait for October. Oh yes, we will make it happen.

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7 thoughts on “Grandma wants to be a jejemon

  1. kitkat on said:

    ano ba yang secret project na yan?
    naiintriga na ako!

  2. Congrats sa jogging project!
    I love your lola.

  3. I know that in rare cases a few senior citizens will become jejemons.

  4. I typed nocturnalangel2.blogspot and was so ready to ‘follow’ you but it swooshed me to your space. wow! you’re always an amazing writer, pam!!! (:

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