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Hit Girl fantasies

Yeah yeah, when I grow up, I wanna be Hit Girl.

Speaking of Kick-Ass, I’ve seen the movie one and a half times.

The first time I watched it was in Singapore – a late night screening at Cineleisure.

The second time I watched it was in Shangri-La Mall and just as we were getting to the good part, we were asked to evacuate because the mall was on fire.

Seriously. I even wrote a newspaper article about the band that refused to stop playing. That was crazy.

I’ve never been asked to evacuate a place before. It took a while – it took a beer and a couple of kebabs – before adrenaline stopped pumping through my veins.

The mall is no longer on fire and now I have Kick-Ass withdrawal – it feels like half the movie is still waiting for me to watch it.

But there are other movies waiting for attention. Like Iron Man 2.

In other news, today I was trying to print my secret project and guess what happened?

A big fat brownout.

But thank god there’s a generator and when the printer was up and running again, I tried printing the rest of my secret project. But guess what happened?

The printer ran out of ink.

I should be worried but I’m not because I know you’ve been sending me good thoughts.

Instead of freaking out and panicking, I just relaxed, posted in my nail polish blog, watched old episodes of Ugly Betty and continued my battle against the stupid flu.


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6 thoughts on “Hit Girl fantasies

  1. good vibes! good vibes!

    think of the little mishaps as flies hitting your face as you ride a 280cc bike without any helmets on. don’t stop keep going, keep your mouth closed, until you reach the finish line :p

  2. you don’t reply to my texts! how have you been? let’s meet up soon. i want to try your ~famous~ cupcakes!!! 😀 lol

  3. pajammy on said:


    I changed numbers!! i’ll send you my new one! haha and yes, you have to try our cupcakes! 😛

  4. You were in SG and you didnt tell me?!!

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