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Carb-counting and thumb-twiddling

Because it looks like we’re staying in the city for holy week, I decided to list things I needed (okay, wanted) to do.

It’s Thursday and what have I done so far? Let’s see.

1. No, I haven’t given moving out much thought. The place I wanted, which I thought would be available this week, was reserved by someone else. Another unit will be available after May. I have a few more weeks to do my thinking.

2. Nope, have not written anything – except for Facebook posts and a couple of blog entries.

3. Nope, have not written any articles yet. Not in the mood.

4. Haven’t started the book either.

5. Haven’t finished “Further Under The Duvet” yet – but I did read a couple of pages just a few minutes ago.

6. Haven’t gone swimming either.

7. And I haven’t seen House, Ugly Betty or Grey’s Anatomy.

8. I played bingo with the kids! And lost!

9. I haven’t proceeded with my Hollywood invasion.

10. I have successfully avoided carbs. The ultimate test of my will power was Jill’s carbonara. Can’t believe I managed to resist. Day eight of the Atkins diet and I think I’ve been doing good.

So yeah, clearly, I haven’t been following my list.

I have been doing other things though.

I watched Paper Heart, Funny People, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, half of The Invention of Lying, The Hangover and a few episodes of The Nanny.

I fried cheese franks and a shitload of chicken nuggets.

I read Anne Bird’s “33 Reasons My Brother Scott Peterson Is Guilty” and now I want to buy the book written by Laci Peterson’s mom.

I freaked because I found out that the sugar-free gum I’ve been turning to whenever I feel the craving for something sweet contains 57 grams of carbohydrates in every box. I am turning into a carb-counting weirdo. Yes, it’s scary.

I played too much Petville.

Four days left to do more interesting things. I think I’ll start with Ugly Betty.


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2 thoughts on “Carb-counting and thumb-twiddling

  1. Madmoosel on said:

    Your blog makes me want to write again.

  2. pajammy on said:

    that’s great! you should! and please give me your blog url when you do, i’d love to read it 🙂

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