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Alex, I’ll take moving out for $1000

Everyone else will be on a big break, far from the city, getting darker by the minute, but I will spend this week thinking.

And I have something big to think about, bigger than tan lines and what cocktail to drink next, bigger than pool vs. beach, bigger than “does my butt look big in this?”

I want to move out.

I’ve been wanting to move out for a long time but things are different now. Because I’ve actually found a place I can move into and my god, it’s tiny but I already love it.

I just don’t know if I can afford it.

Part of me wants to just throw caution to the crazy wind, move in and figure things out as they go along – the adult equivalent of being thrown into the pool so you are forced to learn to swim – but part of me is scared shitless. What if it turns out I can’t? What if I decide I can’t live alone? What if I run out of money?

There’s a little voice inside me that’s saying I can do this. But I don’t know if this voice is just the spoiled brat in me talking.

The universe has spoiled me all these years by pretty much giving me everything I’ve wanted. A great job, the chance to explore strange cities, good friends, real love that has shaken me to the core. Will it give me my own space too?

I don’t know. At least not yet. For now, I will keep thinking.

Reasons to move out:

1. I need my own space. I’m turning thirty in a few months, god damn it, I need a place to call my own.

2. It’s really time for me to grow up. Really grow up.

3. Living with Jolo and Le right next door will be fun, like living inside episodes of Friends minus the annoying Ross.

4. I already have visions of myself decorating the place, trying to find a spot for everything I own, trying to turn the studio into my home.

Reasons not to move out:

1. Money.

2. Money.

3. Money.

4. Fucking money.

I need answers. Or a winning lottery ticket.

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11 thoughts on “Alex, I’ll take moving out for $1000

  1. in my case, everyone moved out. my dad and mom left, and my brother moved to the other house. and so i had to deal with bills right when i moved to a lower-paying job. (okay, why i even moved to a lower-paying job is a question in itself).

    anyway, i’ve survived – more than two years now – and i’m still fine. of course i may be the only household without internet but i’ve gotten by.

    and i’m sure you will too.

    • pajammy on said:

      urgh, i hate bills! there’s rent + electricity + water + internet + phone. then i need to buy appliances and furniture. i will be bankrupt before i know it 😦

      but i really want to do this.

      i’m amazed you can live in a house with no internet, i can’t do that.

  2. Move out, it’s easy! 🙂 Your lifestyle will adjust based on the money left in your bank account. Heheh.

  3. this reminded me of the ugly betty episode when she wanted to get her own apartment 🙂

    ok move out! madami ka naman pera hahaha… me, i wanna go back home! lol ;p

    • pajammy on said:

      ugly betty’s lucky! she got to move to manhattan! haha! 😀 and no, believe me, my bank account’s crying right now

  4. i have no doubt that you’ll do just fine. you’ll need to adjust, of course, but you’ll enjoy the whole new level of living.

    bills will always come *and* you will always have jobs. your mind works 24/7, you think, you write, money comes… funny you should worry about that, but then if you never worry, then you won’t be so thrilled later on 😀

    i’m excited for you! looking forward to the things you’ll write after you’ve moved out 🙂


    • pajammy on said:

      haha moving out will be a new adventure for sure!

      i wish i can be as 100% positive as you guys are! it’s not like me to think too much before diving but this is really a serious thing. growing up!! i can’t believe it!

  5. very return of saturn! libra ka diba? saturn is going to be in libra na in a few months!

  6. At 32 I built myself a house.I dont know where I got the money but when I started building the house I only had 50,000 pesos. Then I borrowed money from my company.Then my company closed one factory and I was able to get free wood partitions, lighting etc.

    Somehow when u plan something you will eventually finish it.


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