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In defense of this slob

I did an interview while wearing an ancient Care Bears t-shirt, one so old you’re no longer sure if it was black or grey, cut-off H&M pants that don’t look like they’re from H&M and flip flops. My hair was tied in a messy ponytail and my only accessories were 100-peso silver earrings and the white band I’ve been wearing for close to three years now.

I didn’t carry a bag. I just held my laptop, notebook, pen and mobile phone in my arms.

The journalist who was doing the interview after me was wearing a pretty sun dress. She looked fresh. She was photo-ready. She wouldn’t have been out of place at a party.

The publicist handling the event was wearing a nice black top and tailored pants. She too had makeup on. And I’m pretty sure she was wearing nice accessories.

There used to be a time when I was into those things. Nice dresses. Lip gloss. Accessories. But not anymore.

That’s just not me anymore.

The only thing I obsess about now is nail polish and okay, sometimes shoes.

And after today’s interview, I realized that I will never be that girl who looks so put together. The girl with perfect accessories, the girl who clearly thinks about what she wears, the girl who plans her outfits. I rarely ever get the urge to dress up.

Most days, I just can’t be bothered. Most days, I look like I just rolled out of bed. Most days, I live out of a backpack. Most days, I just throw on the first things I grab. Most days, I’d rather be naked.

So no, you will not see me traipsing around the mall in heels. You will not see me with makeup on during the day (and at night – and only on special nights – all I wear is a little Benetint and a lot of eyeliner). You will not hear me obsessing about accessories (I have no idea where the hell all my accessories are – and I have a lot of them).  And if you invite me to an event or an interview, I will most likely arrive with messy hair.

But you can be sure that I researched the hell out of my subject. And that I will be asking the right questions. And that I will be listening. And taking notes. And I will be rocking the shit out of that interview.

As for clothes, I just can’t be bothered.


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8 thoughts on “In defense of this slob

  1. That’s cool, Pam. You don’t need to be fashionable to be a writer. Just brilliant. 😉

  2. johnnydu on said:

    whip em’ where it counts. they may rock the party but suck with the byline. and your bylines rock.

  3. Yay for getting your blogging groove back ^_^

  4. but why? tamad na to dress up?

    • pajammy on said:

      yeah.. i still dress up from time to time.. like today, i need to make an effort because i will come face to face with justin timberlake. haha!

      but most days, wala talaga, i just throw on the first shirt i see..

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