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Today let me rant, tomorrow I’ll post about my awesome weekend

Random thoughts on a Sunday evening after a buzz kill that threatened to ruin what was otherwise a brilliant weekend:

1. I am who I am not because of you but despite of you.

2. One million dollars would solve everything now.

3. Actually, even one million pesos would do.

4. You know things are bad when you’re watching a movie and you can’t decide if it’s good or bad because you haven’t really paying attention because your mind won’t give you freaking peace because you feel like strangling someone.

5. You know things are worse than bad when you’ve put three becauses in one sentence and don’t really care.

6. You know things are worse than worse than bad when you’re crying in a mall and do not care that people can see you. You don’t even notice.

7. It must be fun to live in Petville. Things are a lot simpler there.

8. Except I’m not a big fan of picking up dirty socks. Especially dirty socks that aren’t mine.

9. So yeah, maybe I’ll stay here.

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6 thoughts on “Today let me rant, tomorrow I’ll post about my awesome weekend

  1. johnnydu on said:

    i think one million dollars is better in solving everything than one million pesos.

  2. Hmm… I think I’ve got a black bonnet hidden somewhere in my closet. Maybe we can get some pointers from Dick & Jane for number 2. Otherwise, I’ve got lots of rope in the garage…… 🙂

    Here’s to a buzzkill-free and absolutely awesome week ahead!

  3. Remember the Tumblr link I sent you 😀

    Yey, comments is working now! Btw, why are you in wordpress?

    • pajammy on said:

      i promise, after today i wouldn’t waste two seconds on them.

      kwento ko sayo, kainis talaga.

      i wanted a change so i switched to wordpress. it’s supposedly better than blogger but i haven’t decided yet. parang hindi. hahaha!

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