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Plug and play

Unlike some of my friends, I have not gone crazy over the iPad.

I certainly didn’t stay at home on a Friday night to be among the first to pre-order it like Tatin did. (You crazy girl!)

I carry around my share of gadgets every single day and for now, they’re enough.

First, there’s my Macbook, an aluminum unibody that was made obsolete the day after I bought it, when Steve Jobs announced the new lineup of aluminum MacBook Pros. Great job, Steve! But I don’t care if it’s obsolete, I love it so much. I am hardly ever away from it. Friends actually act surprised when they see me without my laptop because yes, I really bring it everywhere.

It was on my Amazon wishlist for ages and last year, on December 26, I got my Kindle. I was so happy I cried. I have gotten really attached to it in just three months. I’ve already read a number of books on the Kindle. I still make it a point to buy real books (graphic ones, pop-up ones, books I can’t get on the Kindle) because I work in a newspaper and feel it is my duty to do everything to keep print alive. But yes, I’m in love with my Kindle.

Forget Wii, forget Playstation, forget PSP. When I want to play games, I pick up my pink Nintendo DS Lite. My favorite games include Rhythm Heaven, Phoenix Wright, Professor Layton, Diner Dash, Strawberry Shortcake and Cosmetic Paradise. I’m not a big fan of violent games. No guns or explosions for me.

I use an old second generation black iPod Nano when I want to listen to music. Yes, I know it can’t play videos and I don’t care. But I’ve neglected this poor guy for far too long. Now I use it mostly for listening to music during flights. I used to listen a lot in the car but lately I’ve been spending most of my time in traffic reading my Kindle or using my laptop.

It isn’t in this picture (because I used it to take this picture) but I bring my Samsung ST550 everywhere too. I love it not just because it’s purple but because it has an LCD in front, making it easy to use for self-portraits. This camera’s best feature is the beauty shot which all my friends love. It makes their skin look extra-smooth.

Then there’s my phone, which is the newest of the lot, a Nokia X6 which has been rocking my world. I love it because it’s touch-screen and can be loaded with all kinds of crazy apps. And it’s pink! So yeah, no Blackberry or iPhone for me – for now I’m sticking to Nokia.

These are the reasons I’m not buying an iPad. Plus, if I do, I’m pretty sure my credit card will scream abuse. Have you seen a credit card scream before? It’s not pretty.


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6 thoughts on “Plug and play

  1. Kindle! (Pausing to drool… :D)

    I love holding a book in my hands but something that lets me carry a whole library of books in one sounds like bookworm heaven…. I’m sure my aching shoulders would thank me for it too. (Hardbound books are nice to hold but painful to carry. 😉 )

    Will have to save up for this one though. But in case, they suddenly release a pink Kindle, I will kidnap my husband’s credit card. Even if it screams.

    • pajammy on said:

      I watched Kindle users talk about their Kindle experience on an video. What struck me the most was this guy who said he used to pack four or five books whenever he travels and how he no longer has to do that thanks to his Kindle. I feel exactly the same way. Pre-Kindle, I would have several books in my bag every single day, in fear of running out of something to read. I don’t have to do that anymore (except when I do book reviews or when I’m reading graphic novels or books that aren’t available on Kindle). It’s very liberating 🙂

      Hardbound books look lovely on shelves but I like reading books while lying in bed and paperbacks just make it easier for me to read – I just need one hand to hold it! I can’t count the number of times a hardbound book fell on my face because I was trying to hold it with just one hand.

      Haha a pink Kindle sounds awesome!

  2. Pre-ordering the iPad was the best Friday night I spent in bed. Says a lot abut the guys I’ve been with, or Steve Jobs is THAT good.

    • pajammy on said:

      hahahaha! crazy girl!

      but yes, Steve Jobs is that good!

      I used to think all those people raving about how great Steve Jobs is and his powerful his presence is were just full of crap. I changed my mind at Macworld. I cannot count the number of times I got goosebumps as he introduced the iPhone to the world. The man is not just good, he’s a god.

      but i’m still not ready for the ipad. haha!

  3. johnnydu on said:

    i was hoping for a macbook mini – like a nine or ten inch unibody aluminum netbook type instead of the iPad, and pricing it competitively would have completed my utter financial ruin

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