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Remember when I said you were adopted? That was a lie.

Once upon a time, when we still had that house in Manila, my brother and I went to Quiapo.

We rode the jeep, got off in front of the church and hit the buildings that housed thousands of pirated DVDs.

We emerged after a while and, while standing in front of a fishball vendor, we realized in horror that we only had about six pesos left in our collective pockets.

We had a tough choice to make.

Fishballs or the jeepney ride home?

Naturally, the fishballs won.

It was the right choice – after all, if we picked the jeepney ride, one of us would ride and the other would have to walk home.

After stuffing our faces with dirty street food, we cabbed it. We had a brilliant plan – we’d just pay the driver when we got home.

On our way home, our broke asses spotted a rainbow. We got a huge kick out of that.

This story is just one of the many reasons I wouldn’t sell my brother on Ebay.


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3 thoughts on “Remember when I said you were adopted? That was a lie.

  1. Priceless. 🙂

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