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The customary how my day went post

Yesterday, after spending hours typing furiously and trying to get this week’s issue together, Jill and I attended the My Pilipinas Moleskine launch.

The My Pilipinas Moleskine notebooks are now available in National Bookstore and Collezione branches.

We enjoyed checking out the Moleskine notebooks exhibited and we enjoyed making fun of Kemuel who strutted down the runway in bright orange shorts.

After the launch, we headed over to National Bookstore where I bought this sexy pack of pens.

I can’t wait to attack my Moleskine with them.

Kha caught up with us at National. From National we walked over to Schu where I shoe-shopped. But more on that later.

From Schu we went to Power Mac to get Jill’s Shuffle fixed. That was the only thing we were supposed to do there but I ended up buying this purple satin hard shell for my Macbook.

First they told me that they couldn’t make it fit because my laptop has a dent (don’t ask) but they managed to work it out.

Never mind that I only had P19 left in my wallet after I paid the cashier, it is gorgeous.

Then the three of us plus Gab went to Banana Leaf for dinner. We ate the roti with curry, beef rendang, pomelo salad and kangkong. Dinner was goooood.

Then we went to Big Chill for shakes (strawberry mango, yum).

Then we watched Edge of Darkness which was okay but kind of dragging.

Then I spent the rest of the night working. And squeezing in some Ugly Betty.

And wishing for more full days like this one.


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