Pajammy Party

Pillow fights, secrets, s'mores and scary stories. Sleeping bag not required.


After the day I’ve had, I feel silly about wearing a stupid Christmas outfit today.

I pulled my red tank top and red and green top out of my closet in anticipation of a good, easy day. Quick meeting at the human resources department. Drop off cupcakes at friends’ homes. Fix lineup. Write a few stories. Dinner with friends. Maybe some Cafe World. Easy-peasy breezy day. Not.

At 3:24 I was fighting back tears inside the HR department’s office. At 3:35 I was actually crying at my office lobby.

I wanted to stop crying because what I really wanted to do was scream for ten hours straight. Scream and throw things. But I didn’t. Instead, I brought a box of donations to a relief center. And I made sure my friends got their cupcakes. And I had dinner with friends. And I spent a lot of time thinking. And thinking. And thinking.

And I found wisdom in my iPod.

And my iPod said, wake up woman, writing isn’t the only thing you can do.

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