Pajammy Party

Pillow fights, secrets, s'mores and scary stories. Sleeping bag not required.

I should fail to mention that my roots are showing

An old friend called today, he wanted to catch up.

He was at work, he said.

Oh cool, I said, waiting for the pitch.

Yes, that’s how cynical I’ve gotten. Somebody calls out of the blue and I immediately think the person needs something.

I shouldn’t call it cynical. I think I’m just a bitch.

But my old friend apparently had no hidden agenda, he really just wanted to chat.

And that was so refreshing I felt like bawling my eyes out.

So we talked for a few minutes. Apparently, while I’ve been busy making a mess of my life, my friends have been busy making babies.

They have families now, they have wives, they have babies.

And what do I have?

I have purple hair, that’s what.


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